Disable Shutdown Option

How To disable Shutdown Option

In this section below I describe how to disable shutdown option in a workstation, server o domain controller. Normaly you can do it by domain policy, but in this case I explain how to do by local policies.

There are some cases that the server o workstation is not in a domain. If this is your case, this is your solution.

  1. Open  Local Security Settings (secpol.msc). 
  2.  Security Settings
  3. Local Policies
  4. User Rights Assignment
  5. Shutdown the System

With Shutdown the System, you can specify who (local users o groups) CAN shutdown the system.

By default the values are:

  • Workstation: Administrators, Backup Operators, Power Users, Users
  • Servers: Administrators, Backup Operators, Power Users
  • Domain Controllers: Account Operators, Administrators, Backup Operators, Server Operators

I hope that this will be useful to someone.