USB Media Bootable

A few simple couple steps are necessary to créate a USB Media Bootable:

1-Now we can create a USB autobootable with this ISO. Connect the USB device and open CMD window and execute Diskpart command

2- Now is needed to list the disk available to know what is the USB disk.

3- And Select de USB disk

4-Clean the USB Disk

5- Create the primary partition

6- Select the new partition

7- Active the partition

8- Format the new usb partition

9- Active the partition and Assign a drive letter

10 – Exit from Diskpart

11- Copy the stand-alone iso files to USB files. Use xcopy with the following sentence where D: is the mounted ISO and G: is the USB drive assign.

xcopy D:\*.* /s /e /f G:\

Now the USB bootable media with a Stand-Alone media is created.

This Picture is an example:

USB Bootable
USB Media Bootable Creation

Enjoy it!